Trick Riding (Neigh!)

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Today, Wednesday, was a day off.

By which I mean that I didn’t have any scheduled lectures to attend but certainly still spent the majority of the day deep in pathology review.

The best parts of my days flank the studying, when I just get to be Mom.

And after a long haul, hidden away in my dutiful dungeon, there’s nothing to jumpstart a heart like some adrenaline… in the form of my 2-year-old daughter doing handstands on her toy pony.

Justice has been a wild flyer since she could stand on 2 feet, so you’d think I‘d be immune to the surprise PVCs now. But I’m sure as she grows she will only continue to find more amusing ways to test my sympathetic nervous system.

Some of her adventures might be horrifying to me, but she‘s the marvel that melts the sting of all other struggles. My daily dose of humility.

I wouldn’t be as strong as I am without this trick rider showing me the way to be brave.