Who Told You "No"?

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

I never thought I would do anything particularly extraordinary with my seemingly ordinary little life... until I heard the broken record of the persistent, platinum hit "sit down."

Sarah... Samantha... S--... to be honest, I can't recall her name. I had one undergrad science class with her. The only conversation I really remember was the one in which this bright, teenage beauty told me that her premedical advisor had urged her to choose.

As many do, Sarah (we'll call her Sarah to make this easy) had worked her tail off for years to be top of her class, with pages of shining extracurriculars and exposure--all in the name of chasing the dream to be called Doctor.

Despite her many marked achievements, she resigned to taking a seat when told to choose between the pursuit of medicine or one day (far, far in the future at the time of this conversation) become a mother.

I don't know if Sarah ever became a mother, but I do know that she did not become a doctor.

The idea that this "advice" truly came from an "advisor" was a bit beyond the reaches of my imagination since, for whatever reason, I hadn't experienced anything of the sort myself.

Until... I became a mother, a premedical mother.

My own search for communities of premed, or med, moms has been fairly fruitless... perhaps because our most trusted resources (like academic advisors) tell us to choose.

So choose both!

We can have it all.

No, it won't be easy.

But we're mothers, and we know tough.

Join me in supporting mothers and women feel the power of choice.