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Essay Editing

A lot is riding on your medical school applications--you may even say... your career.

Utilize the expansive required writing to paint a picture of who you are, what you've done, and what kind of clinician your experiences will create.

Let me be your second pair of eyes to react and reflect on your stories.


Free Feedback

General impression

No edits provided

Think of handing your essay to a friend

Up to 10 day turnaround


Personal Statement
Full Edit

Proofreading | Revising | Rewriting

Up to 7 day turnaround
(+$25 to guarantee within 3)

$ Varies

Extracurricular Edits

Proofreading | Revising | Rewriting

1-7 at $13 each
8-11 at $11 each
12+ at $8 each

Up to 7 day turnaround

(+$15 to guarantee within 3)

Looking for help with secondary/supplemental essays?

Thanks for the request!

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